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Ryan and Kimberly
Ryan and Kimberly

Welcome to our blog!  We’re Kimberly Latta and Ryan Turner, and this is the log of our adventures aboard the Sophia, a 36-foot Sabre sloop, built in 1986.  Sophia means wisdom, and we have both very wisely decided to spend the next few years sailing this vessel around the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  Cruising these waters is something we have always wanted to do.  We decided to go now that we are in our mid-fifties and still agile enough to move around.  Sure, we could have accumulated more money and more stuff had we kept our jobs or found different ones, but neither of us felt very happy or healthy doing that, and Sophia called us to her.

Kimberly grew up racing yachts off the coast of Santa Barbara, and Ryan has been sailing since he was a kid.  He captained his first boat, the Zenobia, through the Bahamas and Caribbean, and kept her in Oriental when he was not cruising.   Ryan bought Sophia in August, 2015, in  Oriental, North Carolina, and will dock her there for the next few months, making repairs and getting her ready to head down to the Bahamas when hurricane season ends in early November.

Sophia at the National Park Service dock in Okracoke, NC.
Sophia at the National Park Service dock in Okracoke, NC.

About Kimberly

Kimberly holds a Ph.D. in English and specializes in Seventeenth-Century literature, history, and philosophy.  She is also a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who helps survivors of trauma  recover their sense of safety and autonomy through meditative, trauma-focused yoga.  For her publication on Anne Bradstreet, Early American economics and gender, go to this link;  and for her published work on Daniel Defoe and the “Mistress of the Marriage Market,”, go here.

About Ryan:

Ryan is a hydrogeologist who has worked Alaska, the Mojave Desert of Southern California, the Grand Mesa in Colorado, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  He was integral expert in the clean-up of the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana and is a master of groundwater issues in the Marcellus Shale.


7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey guys… We are back home for Christmas and will return to celebrate the New Year… Thanks so much for sharing time with us in HT – it was all great…!!! We tried posting a message earlier, but did not stick for some reason…. Hope you are both well, continuing your trip south, and that our paths cross again.. Best, R&K


  2. Hey guys…. Oriana crew here – finally checked out your site…. Great job! Really enjoyed sharing time with you guys and hope it happens again….. ! it was all great…! Hope the winds have calmed and you are on your way further south… Take care…

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  3. Kimberly and Ryan- So happy you are doing something you are both passionate about. Lots of work so far but suspect it is FUN work! Stay safe and enjoy life.


    1. Hi Kimberly and Ryan,

      We met on the docks in Marsh Harbour after we arrived from Beaufort on Oriana. This is a great web site and I really enjoyed the story of snorkling.

      One of the things we all hear is how interesting cruisers are. Well, my short visit to the Jib Room docks proves that very well. From “poster childern” for cruising like your selves to crusty old drunks at the bar, I met the full range.

      Please keep up the posts so I can enjoy the Bahamas from a distance. 38 degrees in Tupelo this morning.

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