Women Who Won’t Drive the Dinghy

The number of women who either cannot or will not drive a dinghy in our times astonishes me, especially when you consider that 99.9 % of cruising boats have two crew members: a man and a woman.    It’s a simple safety issue.  If he falls over or gets sick and you can’t drive….

Perhaps this should not astonish me, given the astonishing difficulty that so many Americans seem to have in electing a woman for President. 

Who is at the helm?

Author: Kimberly Latta, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, writer, artist, and independent feminist scholar.

4 thoughts on “Women Who Won’t Drive the Dinghy”

  1. I won’t drive the dinghy. It scares me. My husband doesn’t like me to helm our yacht either…… I really worry about this, in case something bad happens, but he doesn’t think like me.


  2. Difficulty electing a woman president and running a boat. . . . What a leap!!
    How about, If you are female and a proficient sailor, you are qualified to be president.
    What if you are female and race 520’s Mighty brave. Strong White House prospects.
    But really, what capable female sailor would have any desire to be president!!!
    s/v Looner Drift

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  3. I am always surprised at this, possibly because I am the captain of my boat. I think its a great idea that everyone on board knows how to drive everything. Because if I fall overboard I would want them to be able to rescue me!

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