Postscript on “The Passage”

Ryan read my description of our passage–my first, his sixth or seventh–and said I way over exaggerated the drama.  “But I told a good story!” I protested.   Here is what he has to say about it:

There is nothing about this boat that is poorly maintained or ill-equipped. Things do happen when out sailing — even to well found vessels. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not realistic. This was one of the best passages I have ever done. The weather was mostly good and we sailed practically the whole thing on one tack. It got a little windy at times but the boat handled it beautifully. It was a great passage.

Mary keeps threatening to send me photos of our boat, Sophia (a Sabre 36) via email.  I think she’s having too much fun back in Brevard to get round to it.  No worries. I’ll keep posting pictures of her Bruce Roberts 43, Seahorse, in the Sargasso Sea!



P.S.  I also think it was a great passage.


Author: Kimberly Latta, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, writer, artist, and independent feminist scholar.

4 thoughts on “Postscript on “The Passage””

  1. Passages, like childbirth, are much less painful upon reflection. This I’ve heard, though obviously being male I can’t confirm. And we’ve only done two overnight passages so far. Seems true to us! Sharing your blog to Nicki, my wife and partner, as I suspect she’ll enjoy it as much as I. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. No big deal! It takes so long to upload photos anyway. How nice of you to keep reading the blog! I made some very good enchiladas with your salsa today. Thanks for that! Enjoy your time in NC, and RELAX!!! PS you guys would have loved to day watching the boxcart derby. Will blog about this soon.


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