Seahorse: Mary, Travis, and Donny

One of the many good things about cruising is the opportunity to meet and make new friends.  As our readers know already, we made the passage to the Abacos with Seahorse, a 43-foot Bruce Roberts.  The boat is beautiful, like its people.  Mary and Travis brought their good friend,  Donny, who also happens to be the broker who helped them find and buy their vessel.  Seahorse’s layout is complete different from ours, much more spacious but also more compartmentalized.  Sophia was built for occasional short journeys, weekend cruises, while Seahorse was designed as a liveaboard cruiser, sturdy enough to travel anywhere on the planet.

Seahorse in the Gulf Stream
Travis and Mary
Seahorse at Sunset in the Sargasso Sea

I’m not complaining about our boat, not at all.  Sophia is just the right size, and the absolute perfect craft for our needs.  She reminds me of the Erikson 39 I grew up on in Santa Barbara.  We’re very happy.

But we’re especially pleased to have made these new friends, who are so knowledgeable about all manner of things, and friendly and good-natured.  All three of them are outdoorsy people (as you might expect among those who are up for a 500 mile journey on the Atlantic Ocean, 250 or more miles out to sea), and quite athletic.

Today Ryan and I even got up on the Lyra, an arial hoop that hangs from the spinnaker pole.  You get up into it and do acrobatic things, and you feel like you’re ten years old again, playing on the monkey bars.  And if you fall, no problem!  You drop into the water!!!


Author: Kimberly Latta, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, writer, artist, and independent feminist scholar.

4 thoughts on “Seahorse: Mary, Travis, and Donny”

  1. hi Kimberly…this may seem bizarre but I think I have Ryan’s/your dog? very sweet wonderful yellow lab? have been trying to get in touch with Ryan and then decided to try to track you…my friend found him loose in Swissvale today. he was almost hit by a truck…and the animal control in that area holds dogs for 48 and puts down. the Animal Rescue League plans to track the chip and the Swissvale police are aware. but I didn’t want to let such a sweet boy sit in the shelter so i’m keeping him here until we can find his owner (you I hope). it appears you aren’t in town even! which may be why Ryan’s phone isn’t accepting calls? help! michelle


      1. Hello. I’m sorry that I seem to be a crazy stalker! The phone number on Rusty Roo’s tag traced to Ryan and his license is from central Ca so I thought for sure your dog got away from the sitter or something! I would die if that happened to my dog while
        I was away. Of course the info was wrong and I must seem quite creepy. Thanks for being gracious in your reply 🙂

        His owner did contact the ARL and Rusty Roo is home.

        Honestly the silver lining of my errant internet stalking is that
        I found Sophia Sailing. Your blogs and photos are fabulous and I hope you don’t mind if I continue to follow your adventures…

        (I’m actually a fairly sane physician in Pgh…I just get a little overzealous at times when I’m on a mission!!)

        Thank you again.


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