The saga of Scratch the Cat continues: Scratch sees Dolphins

On the first day out, Scatch got very excited because she met some dolphins.  She counted about fifteen and could hardly believe that they wanted to frolic alongside the boat for two whole hours.  They seemed to be just as interested in Sophia as in Seahorse, and zoomed back and forth from one boat to the other, easily matching or exceeding the sailboats’ speed.

Two big brown and grey dolphins seemed particularly curious, as they swam the longest and frequently turned on their sides to make eye contact!  Scratch lay down on her belly at the bow, and this is what she saw:

Scratch has a question for her favorite people in the world, Austin and Olivia Zazarra:  What should she name her new dolphin friends?  Please respond with a text to Aunt Ava so she can tell Scratch.

Scratch is very pleased to have arrived in the Bahamas.  There was a lot of work to do.  Scratch helped to wash clothes in the five gallon bucket:


Scratch also made sure that the plants we brought along survived the journey.  Here she smells the parsley and says it smells good.



Author: Kimberly Latta, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, writer, artist, and independent feminist scholar.

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